Creating tenders

Do you want to create a tender to offer or demand discarded metal or scrap without getting lost in longsome administration? Then Onescrap is just right for you. Our user-friendly surface makes data entry as simple as it can be.

The platform is easy to use and offers comprehensive transparency on available materials, trade partners and selling prices. This gives you more time to focus on the essentials.

Registration process

In order to use Onescrap, you need to register and enter your data. We verify the information of every single member before approving the profile, to ensure the reliability of our users.

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Tender process

The tender process is kicked-off via your submission of all relevant information for your invitation to tender. To keep it simple you can just copy and paste data from your own files into our form. You can also upload additional product- or contract specifications, including pictures, test reports and material analysis.

Once you have generated a tender form, you can always re-use it as draft to create new tenders and adjust it if needed. This reduced your administrative effort to a minimum and saves a lot of time.

You can assign specific conditions to each tender, including auction versus fixed price procedure, euro versus US dollar, total versus partial quantities, as well as location and duration. You can also decide whether to use our standard contract or an individual agreement.

Our comprehensive company database offers the possibility to select convenient bidders together with us, for example filtered by region, material or certificates etc.. Of course, you can also enter additional contacts to your list. They will automatically be integrated into our database to be available for your next selection.

If you are not ready to submit your tender, just save it as draft and finalize it at a later stage. After your submission, we will review and approve it within 48 hours.

With the publication of your tender, your selected partners will receive an automatically generated e-mail including all information needed to place their bids. For each tender you can decide to keep the status private and the participant list limited to your selection. Alternatively, you can make the tender available to all registered users of the platform.

At the end of a bidding process you can decide to verify the winning bidder(s) again by yourself. Once you accept the deal, a confirmation is sent out via e-mail. Both parties then receive the contact data of their counterpart, in order to execute the business outside of the platform.

And much more ...

Our integrated messenger is an easy way to communicate after the bidding process, for example to quickly answer open questions regarding the physical execution of the transaction. During the bidding process, we handle requests for you!

The dashboard helps you to keep track of all bids on active tenders. It also provides an overview of all your transactions.

Do you still have a question? Feel free to send us an e-mail to We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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