Guidance for bidders

Do you want to place a bid on offering and/or demanding tenders for discarded metals and scrap without investing unnecessary time in longsome research on potential opportunities? Then Onescrap is just right for you. Our unique trading platform provides completely new possibilities for bid comparison.

Registration process

In order to use Onescrap, you need to register and enter your data. We verify the information of every single member and tender offer before approving them. This gives you twofold reliability.

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Bidding process

The bidding process can be kicked-off via your request to an initiator of a tender or via an invite by the counterparty to you. In order to improve your visibility towards the tender owners, we automatically integrate your data into our company database during your registration. Every company that starts a tender receives potential convenient bidders from us (e.g. based on distance, materials, certificates etc.) thus the possibility to contact you directly when publishing its next tender. You then receive an invitation to your deposited e-mail address.

While you can also receive an invite without being registered on Onescrap, but being included in our contact database, a registration is required to use our platform.

You can always apply as bidder for public ongoing tender offers with just one click. Appropriate tenders can be found via our convenient search function, for example by filtering material and region.

All tenders are represented in the same format. They include information on material, quantities and selling prices, as well as other relevant conditions like location, delivery terms, transportation units etc.. This way Onescrap significantly reduces complexity and offers a completely new transparency.

If your bid is accepted and confirmed as result of an online bidding process, you are automatically informed via e-mail. Both parties then receive the contact data of their counterpart, in order to execute the business outside of the platform.

And much more ...

If you are interested in a tender but have not decided to place a bid, yet, simply add it to your watchlist.

Our integrated messenger is an easy way to communicate with the counterparty after the bidding process, for example to quickly answer open questions regarding the execution of the transaction. Open questions during the process are handled by us!

The integrated ranking function shows whether you are currently the best placed bidder.

The dashboard shows an overview of all your bids and other transactions.

Do you still have a question? Feel free to send us an e-mail to We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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