The marketplace for recycled raw materials

Time to trade -
with Onescrap

Invest your time in profitable business, rather than in lengthy research for business partners and negotiations. Onescrap is your new address for the uncomplicated trade in recycled raw materials.

The platform is easy to use and provides you with new transparency about available trading partners, materials and pricing. So you can concentrate fully on the essentials.

Buying and selling valuable materials made easy

Digitize your tendering process with Onescrap and avoid time-consuming administration.

Data entry
easy and online
Bidder selection from database >1000 entries
Automatic e-mail invitation to bidders
bidding process
Contract selection and -creation
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Tender Offers and Reverse Bidding Processes

Use Onescrap to market your material or your disposal services contract to a variety of buyers. Or place your request to a large circle of sellers. You can choose between both variants with just one click.

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Our benefits for sellers and buyers

No setup effort
Just register and get started. Access from anywhere.
Online bidding process
Check bidding history in real time and track your own position through ranking.
Market compliant trading
Price evaluation through supply and demand in a third party comparison.
Price transparency
Price basis selectable from industry indices, fixed, spot prices or as fixation.
Information bundling in one medium
Tendering, communication and analyzing. Everything is handled on the platform.
Economies of scale
Volumes of several sites can be bundled and selling material with disposal services is offered as well.

Registration process with user verfification

Before you can be active on our platform you need to register and store your data in a few steps. Only when we have verified this, you can use the platform. So we achieve a high level of seriousness of our users.

Digitization to optimize purchasing and sales

Standardized tender forms

In addition to one-off transactions, disposal service contracts with defined periods can also be mapped. Our forms allow you to optimally present your materials. For example, you can select exact names from the world's common varieties, store photos and material analyzes, and record delivery cycles, terms of payment, contract periods and multiple locations.

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Integrated messenger

Sellers and buyers can directly communicate with each other via our integrated messenger. This way you can easily clarify questions and even keep the records of your conversations.


Your watchlist summarizes information you want to keep track of. For example if you are interested in offers but do not want to place orders, yet. You can also create a favorites list from all available offers.

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Search and filter functions

The convenient filter function allows the direct search for different criteria such as material, point of departure or destination. Alternatively, you can interrogate specific key- words via open text retrieval.


The dashboard provides a consolidated overview of all transactions. You can use it to access your invoices, open the messenger or adjust your profile and subscription. Sellers receive a summary of their tender status. Buyers can track their bids and adjust them, if necessary. Traders stay informed about their selling and purchasing activities.

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